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Friday, August 01, 2003

The Matrix: Reloaded

Yesterday Leroy Paul, Larry Thomas, and I met my cousin Brad Burns at the IMAX theater in Indianapolis. We went to see The Matrix: Reloaded. If you've never been to an IMAX theater you really must go sometime. The screen is easily four times larger than the average theater. I was amazed at how crystal clear the picture was for as large as it was. The sound was really good, although I've heard better. Make sure you sit near the back of the theater because everything is so large you almost get dizzy when things move from quickly on the screen.

The movie was pretty good although it kind of reminds me of Star Wars Episode II. I mean, this movie was more of a pre-movie to the upcoming third part. I didn't care for the way the movie abruptly ended. However, it will ensure going to see the third installment.