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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Terminator 3.1

Tim Maines, Ryan Rady, and I went to see Terminator 3 tonight at the Pavilion Cinemas. OK, so I've already seen it. Big deal. This gave me the opportunity to look for continuity problems, watch the elaborate car chase scene, and of course see Kristanna Loken again!

Anyway, one problem I saw was when they stopped at the gas station. Arnold came out of the convenience mart, went to the back of the truck, straightened out the crowbar that was wrapped around the door handle, and opened the back. No problem so far. After more dialogue and such, John and Kate get in the back of the truck and Arnold shuts the doors and drives off. Next you see the truck driving down the road with the crowbar wrapped around the door handles. Shortly thereafter they pull up to the graveyard and Arnold opens the back door again and there is no crowbar. Go figure.